Wedding Ring Guide

Wedding Ring Guide


A ring may be a lifeless beauty, but the messages of intense emotion that it impart, infuses it with a liveliness that makes it all the more beautiful. The circle’s endlessness stands as a representation of one’s relationship status with the love of their life. The endlessness of the ring elaborates “forever”, “oneness”, “everlasting love”, and “devotion”. It elegantly and single-handedly expresses such profound messages like “You are mine”, “I wish to spend my entire life with you”, “I love you”. Wedding ring, the concept which existed since time unknown, has always been epitomising eternal love. Its presence in countless cultures and religions show the immense significance and value it held. Even today, the concept is rigorously followed and with as much zeal.


Needless to say, the wedding ring should be bought after much thought and consideration. Given the fact that it is an initiator of a new relationship, that will forever be a part of your life, a wedding ring deserves to be bought after a thorough scrutiny. Below is a step by step guide to buying a wedding ring.


Keep the Lifestyle in Mind 

Remember, the wedding ring will be a part of your daily life. It will be your constant companion in every activity you involve yourself in. Be it gardening, washing dishes, painting or your job demanding rigorous activities, a wedding ring will always be a part of it. Hence, do not buy an elaborately designed wedding ring which will stand as a hindrance to your daily activities. In short, do not buy a wedding ring which needs to be removed time and again during such activities as this is not just an added headache but increases your chance of losing it too. If you are someone with an active lifestyle, opt for a wedding ring that is of a durable metal, is solid, does not have too many gemstones or any complex or elaborate designs. A wedding ring should be something that effortlessly becomes a part of your daily activities and do not stand as an obstacle to it.


Keep a Budget in Mind

A budget should be set keeping your comfort level in mind. Wedding ring comes in a huge range of prices depending on the style or choice of gemstone. There can be a huge difference between a simple and elaborately designed wedding ring. Before you venture out to purchase a wedding ring, make sure your budget is fixed as this will ensure that you do not cross the limits. Set a budget after a careful study of the type of wedding ring you wish to purchase. The budget should be set as per your comfort level and should not be influenced by the saying of a friend or relatives or of a particular culture.


Choose the Right Metal

A wedding ring is mostly about the metal and less about the design. The metal choice will be the most important decision you will make when it comes to buying a wedding ring. A wedding ring is available in a bevy of metals like gold, yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, green gold, silver, platinum, titanium, palladium etc. White gold and yellow gold are the traditional choice in wedding ring metals though the contemporary choice centers around titanium and platinum.


A wedding ring is worn along with the engagement ring. Keeping this factor in mind, make sure that the wedding ring you decide to purchase well complements the engagement ring you are wearing. Ideally, the metal of the engagement ring should compliment the metal of your wedding ring. If your engagement ring is of a classic solitaire, then a platinum wedding band with paved diamonds can best balance the look. But if you are thinking of wearing the wedding band sans the engagement ring, then you can consider going for an intricate design of your choice.


Choose a Wedding Ring Style

Wedding ring may be comparatively simpler in style than the engagement ring nevertheless they too come in various styles. But as mentioned, the style should be chosen taking into consideration one’s lifestyle. Wedding ring styles can be a simple plain band of metal like gold, platinum, white gold, etc. or can come heavily embedded with gemstones. The paved wedding band, eternity wedding band, channel set wedding band, sapphire or other coloured gemstone wedding band, three stone wedding bands, etc. are some of the timeless choices which will always remain a favourite amongst women.


Apart from the style, a wedding ring is also available in various shapes. This will give you the scope to balance your wedding band with that of your engagement ring so that both snuggles together. Court shaped, D shaped and Custom shaped are the three main wedding band shapes available today. You need to make sure that the style and shape you choose is something you will always love to flaunt.


Choose a Ring Weight

Wedding ring comes in varied weights. Men’s wedding rings are usually heavier than that of women’s wedding ring. The later prefers to wear wedding rings that are light and thin. The weight of a wedding ring is categorised into Heavy Weight, Light Weight and Extra Heavy Weight.


Decide your Ring Width

Though width preferences of wedding rings differ from person to person, there are some common width recommendations available. If you are wearing the wedding ring alone, an ideal width will be 5mm. If you wish to pair it with an engagement ring or any other ring, a width of 3mm to 4 mm can be considered most ideal.


Decide if you wish to have a Message Engraved

A wedding ring may be available in different styles, yet nothing can beat the look of a wedding ring with engravements. A wedding ring itself acts as a messenger of your love and commitment. However, the appeal is further enhanced if it is engraved with your names, a 1-2 liner messages of your choice, your wedding date or any personal image or message of your choice. Today, wedding ring engravements are done in beautiful fonts which further augments the beauty of the ring.


Wedding ring styles are ever changing. Every day new styles are introduced in the market. The implication of the wedding band will always remain the same, it will always impart the same message of love and commitment yet, the style will definitely keep evolving with the passage of time.