Yellow is the color of hope and happiness. Citrine imbibes all of these and spreads joy to people who choose to adorn themselves with this transparent quartz stone ranging from pale yellow to brown and vivid orange. This Gemstone is rarely found in nature though and was often mistaken for topaz that is strikingly similar in color. Its demand has spiked not only for its amazing hue but also for its durability and lower price range. It is an ideal alternative to both topaz and yellow sapphire that glows with an innate fire making all eyes turn towards the brilliance of this magnificent quartz.


The affordable quartz is sought after to this day. The name is derived from the French term citron meaning lemon. However, Citrine is not always lemon like in color. Instead it ranges from a very pale almost transparent yellow to intense orange with all shades of brown in between. The striking shade is formed due to presence of iron impurities in the crystallized lattice.

Usually retrieved from natural deposits in Brazil and Bolivia, it is often used in conjunction with precious Gemstones to form charms and eye catching jewellery such as Rings, wrist bands and danglers. AG & Sons has an impressive collection of Citrine Jewellery sets that is used together with diamonds and emeralds to accentuate the appeal of Engagement and Eternity 




The warm color is sure to remind you of the forest in fall when the entire woods become a riot of bright colors. The November born has the pleasure of claiming topaz and its look alike, the Citrine as a birthstone. It is believed to calm the nerves and soothe the spirit of the hot headed November girl or guy. Citrine jewellery makes an ideal gift on the thirteenth wedding anniversary as well.




The name of this stone was coined in 1556 when the standardized term of yellow quartz was replaced by Citrine. Local lore abounds about the value of Citrine with ancient Greeks treasuring it for ornamental and spiritual values. Earliest mention of the quartz dates back to the Hellenistic Age in between 350-150 BC with the quartz being carved to attain unique shapes. Roman pontiffs were also believed to have sported it by including it their ring sets together with huge amethysts. It had gained unprecedented popularity in the 17th Century with Scotsmen using it to adorn the hilts of their swords and other weaponry. It holds a prominent position during era when Art Deco ruled supreme. The years between two World Wars also saw Citrine being favored by the top movie stars and other celebs known for entertaining military men. The celebs usually wore oversized Citrine Rings and brandished them on stage.


The very first natural Citrine was discovered in the wetlands of Bolivia sometime in the bygone era. The area was flush with wild life with colorful butterflies and tiny birds sharing the land with jaguars and howler monkeys. Legend has it that it was accidentally discovered by a Spanish conqueror in 1660 when the mines were given to him as part of his dowry after he married the Princess Anahi of the Ayoreos tribe, Paraguay. Unfortunately, the mine had been lost for three hundred years thereafter and rediscovered in 1980.

Anahi mine produces a unique quartz stone known as ametrine that is a combination of Citrine and amethyst. Both yellow and purple shades are found side by side in the same crystal making it a magnificent Gemstone that is treasured all over the world. The colors of Citrine sourced from Anahi mines include orange-yellow and brownish or greenish hues mixed with yellow.




It is found as microcrystalline quartz similar to amethyst, rose quartz and aventurine. It is formed out of silicon dioxide predominantly. Gem like quality in natural Citrine is rare, however. The best quartz stone is sourced from Bolivia, Brazil, Madagascar and erstwhile USSR. Small quantities have also been discovered in France, Scotland, Colorado and Spain.


It is often confused with topaz, yellow beryl and yellow tourmaline on the basis of its color. Geologists have uncovered that Citrine containing crystal veins are formed in the molten magma of the rock or by precipitation of a mineral dissolved in rock.


It is a hard quartz measuring 7 on Mosh scale. Most of the Citrine that is found in the open market are heat treated with amethysts or smoky quartz. Experts can distinguish between the natural and heat treated Citrine specimens by checking the color closely.




It was described as the sun stone on account of its golden hue during the early times. It was believed to hold the sun’s energy and was used as an antidote for snakebite. The color of gold caused it to be known as a merchant’s stone and became a symbol of prosperity. Crystal healers recommend it for improving power of communication today. Romans revered it as Mercury’s stone and used it to carve intaglios on gold armlets. The yellow color makes Citrine to be associated with joy and capable of energizing the body.


Crystal healers associate it with the yellow colored solar chakra. It is believed to be effective in providing relief from backaches and depression. Believers also wear it to heal all problems related to liver, spleen, digestive system and urinary tract.




Citrine is a durable stone but it may be scratched inadvertently by exceedingly hard materials. The best way to keep it protected and accentuate its healing powers would be to clean it by immersing it in warm water and soap. Ultrasonic cleaners are also used to clean it meticulously especially when the stone has been dyed. Do not expose it to high heat or leave it out in the open for long hours. This may result in fracturing the quartz and fading its colors.




The warm color is completed most effectively by gold. You will thus be able to find numerous items of jewellery at AG & Sons that include Citrine in all forms. Check out the collection for unique Engagement Rings with round cut Citrine protected with tiny sparkling diamonds. You are welcome to select from the astounding range of Platinum Rings or have the beautiful Citrine paired with Rose Gold to form a magnificent Eternity Ring. The bright yellow sunshine stone at AG & Sons is bound to mesmerize you with its design and craftsmanship. You will find it most affordable to order a Bespoke item featuring Citrine and any metal of your choice.