Engagement Ring Guide

Engagement Ring Guide


If you want your partner to know your profoundest love, your commitment and your desire to spend the rest of your life with her; let a beautiful engagement ring do the talking. An engagement ring is not merely a lifeless jewellery of metals and stones. They have a unique and enchanting aura that expresses your deepest emotions in a language that reaches the core of her heart. Needless to say, nothing can beat and explicitly bring out your feelings than a gorgeous engagement ring. Apart from that, an engagement ring is expensive, it is a big investment and what makes it even more significant is the fact that it is a reflection of you in her life. Considering everything, it is, contrary to what most men feel, a tough job to choose an engagement ring which should not just be visually and architecturally beautiful but should be an amalgamation of all the above mentioned factors.


Following is a compilation of a step by step guide to buying an engagement ring


Think about your Budget

Before anything, you need to establish a budget. It is true, that for the love of your life, you would not want to set any limit, but remember, an engagement ring is a big investment and the price can go up drastically all of a sudden. Also, ignore the age old adage of the need to spend one’s three month’s salary. Nothing is as important as your capability and feasibility. You need to make a smart and sensible decision and spend accordingly.


Know her Ring Size

You cannot move one step ahead in your purchase, if you are unaware of her ring size. If it is a surprise, a little hard work is all you need. Sneak into her room and look for a spare ring or ask her parents or friends to help you get her ring size.


Be Cautious and Take Time in your Hand

Do not just hop into any jewellery store you come across. Your way to a genuine engagement ring is via an authentic store, accredited by the members of the Gemolofical Institute of America (GIA) or any other similar organization. There must surely be someone of your acquaintance who have already gone through this journey! Seek their advice and recommendation in this regard. At the end of the day, ensure you have a certified diamond along with a grading report in your hand.


Of course, time is an essential factor in this regard. You need to have ample time in your end to execute the perfect search and come across the perfect engagement ring. Remember, your required engagement ring may take a long time to reach the desired size, shape and beauty. This is especially true if you are thinking of opting for customization to add a tinge of personal touch. Hence, start your engagement ring buying journey 5-6 months prior to the day you wish to propose.


Choose a Gemstone

Diamond is without any doubt the most coveted gemstone, however, that does not mean your choice of gemstone should be limited to diamonds only. There are various other popular options which are equally beautiful and dazzling like diamond. Ruby, sapphire, emerald, tanzanite, peridot, pearl, opal, amethyst, garnet etc are some other endearing choices that are abundantly blessed with unique features. They too look gorgeous when mounted on an engagement ring setting. Of course, if she has already hinted at what she would prefer, your job is half done.


If, however, diamond remains your choice, ensure you are informed about the 4C’s; colour, carat, cut and clarity, the key to understand the various physical attributes of a diamond. You can also opt to combine this timeless gem with coloured gemstones on the sides. In other words, you can opt to enhance the look of your diamond engagement ring with colored gemstones adorning the sides.


Select a Metal

Just as there are innumerable options under gemstones, you will be confronted with innumerable options under metals too. Platinum is, of course, the most sought after choice in this regard, however, one cannot deny the presence of other equally beautiful options like gold, white gold, yellow gold, green gold, rose gold, silver, titanium, palladium etc. If you already have an idea of what your partner would prefer, it will surely reduce your headache big time.


Select a Shape

Be it any gemstones, you will find them in numerous shapes. Shape here refers to the geometry of the stone like round, oval, heart, marquise, Asscher, emerald, cushion, princess, pear, radiant etc. While round is definitely the most popular choice, other shapes like the princess and cushion are also climbing the ladder of popularity swiftly. Yet again, knowing her choice will definitely reduce your effort to half.


Know her choice of Style

Today, the engagement ring comes in a huge variety of styles. You will come across different settings, designs, patterns, styles and this may make the selection process a little more difficult. Having an idea of what she loves will give you the much needed confidence in your purchase. After all, being a huge investment you will definitely not want to end up buying something she doesn’t feel good about! There are styles like solitaire with diamond accents, three stone setting, halo setting, cathedral setting, bezel setting, pave setting, channel setting, swirl setting, floral motif setting, tiffany style setting etc., and they have already won the hearts of many women. But would your partner like any of these? Or is she looking for a vintage style engagement ring? The questions can best be answered by peeping in her likes and dislikes.


Know her Lifestyle

Given the huge variety of engagement ring styles, it is also necessary to understand her comfort. The style should be chosen, taken into consideration her lifestyle and nature of her work/job. If she is into sports, gardening or in activities that constantly involves the use of her hands, giving her a style that is complex, intricate or elaborate will not be ideal. The ring should comply with her lifestyle and should not stand as a hindrance to her daily activities.


Are you thinking of a Wedding Ring?

Many jewellers deal with bridal set rings. The set, as the name implies, consist of an engagement ring and a wedding ring perfectly matched and co-ordinated with each other. It may or may not include men’s wedding band. Like engagement rings, wedding rings are also available in different styles. In a bridal set ring, the wedding ring is made to complement the engagement ring so that both look great together. Moreover, it will save you time and energy as you do not have to run later for a wedding ring when the wedding day approaches. As you can see, the option under engagement ring is literally unlimited. Every day new styles and designs are introduced. Given the fact, that an engagement ring is considered to be the ultimate expression of love and a promise of togetherness, it should definitely be bought after much survey. Hence, a proper guide is all you need to select the most ideal engagement ring that is not just within the domain of your budget, but which will also bring the most priceless smile on her face.