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Give Your Mom Something Special This Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is one of the busiest days of the year. Restaurants get all booked up before time, theater seats get filled up and gift store shelves are swept clean indicating the grand celebration that Mother’s Day is. People around the world splurge big to treat their mothers on this day.


Things that sell big on this day, aside from restaurant reservations are chocolates and flowers. People also throw in gifts like jewelry, spa treatment and such things to make the package special.


According to restaurateurs around the world, Mother’s Day is the second busiest day for them, the first being Valentine’s Day. On Mother’s Day, children take their mothers out to dinner in fancy places which gives mothers the opportunity to stay away from the kitchen for a day. Some people also cook dinner for their mothers at home for a homemade treat.


Florists too have a long day at work on Mother’s Day. Unlike restaurateurs, they call this day the busiest day of the year. The sales figures on Mother’s Day even surpass that on Valentine’s Day. The reason for that is pretty simple and on the face. Not everybody has a Valentine, but mother, on the hand, everybody has. In preparation for Mother’s Day this year, florists are busy making unique floral arrangements with diverse kinds of flowers.


Both family-run florists and big chain florists make enormous sales on this day just from deliveries. The average amount a person spends on delivering flowers to their mothers on this day is between $100 and $150. Those who drop in to the store to pick their bouquets need to pay less.

While mothers take the rare liberty of sleeping in on this day, fathers wake up bright and early and drop in at the florists with their kids to grab a surprise bouquet.  


The amount of money Australians spend on Mother’s Day is extraordinary. Going by the numbers last few years, people in Australia are expected to spend about $1.62 this year, which is equivalent to $78 per capital.


At the gift stores, the records are more or less the same. Retailers get the second most number of buyers on this day after Christmas. Although the spending goes higher up every year, most of the sales takes place at the last minute. So rush on the day of the event is the biggest.


Most buyers find it hard to make time to go down to the store until a day before or the same day for a quick grab.


Hotels in the past few years have experienced a massive bump up in their bookings on Mother’s Day. The Mother’s Day tradition today involves a nice lunch, brunch or dinner at a fancy restaurant coupled with an expensive bottle of wine and a precious gift.


If you have planned the day out, go ahead and get the bookings done before it’s too late. In case you haven’t snagged a reservation yet because you are out of ideas, check the touristy places in your city for a quick booking or save the trouble of standing in queue and just take her shopping.