About Us

AG & Sons


Over the years, AG & Sons has become one of the premier independent jewellers in London. Since our inception in 2005, we have become one of the leading jewellery brands specializing in custom-made and off-the-rack jewellery. We have made a name for ourselves in the city and outside, courtesy of our fine jewellery offerings and affordable pricing. We strive to bring our customers a beautiful collection of jewellery in sync with the fashion trends displaying fine taste. We have been catering to our customers with a wide range of diamond engagement rings and jewellery that will make you spellbound.


Green Jewels
With Green Jewels, we intend to specialize in environment-friendly jewellery products that focus on laboratory-grown diamonds and gemstones.


What Do We Offer?
Green Jewels is focused on developing sustainable jewellery to reduce the environmental impact. Behind the shine and sparkle of jewellery, we often ignore whether it was mined sustainably or not. The brightest of the diamonds may be mined from one of the poorest regions of the world with deplorable living conditions. Mining also takes a toll on the environment. Keeping the environmental aspect in mind, we at Green Jewels believe in sustainable jewellery. We offer lab-created diamonds that mirror natural diamonds. They have the same chemical and optical properties as naturally occurring diamonds.


Our diamonds are cheaper than naturally-occurring diamonds. Also, we tend to offer our products at a relatively lower price as we believe that just because the stone is rare doesn’t mean that it has to be exorbitantly priced. We firmly believe in the fair pricing principle. It holds for the entire jewellery collection, whether custom-made or ready-made. We do not want our customers to burn a hole in their pocket to buy an engagement ring. We strive to offer jewellery that is beautiful and at the same time affordable. Customers who choose to opt for custom-made jewellery by Green Jewels also get advice from our experts, which helps them get what they are looking for without exceeding their budget.


We, at Green Jewels, aim to serve our customers with their desired pieces to ensure that they have the best shopping experience. You can order from our catalogue, and we will custom make what your heart desires. We have made some exceptional designs for customers at our London studio. Our team of master craftsmen makes some of the best jewellery pieces that display the highest level of craftsmanship. Our sketchers, craftsmen, and designers are some of the best in the business, and they work closely with clients to understand what they are looking for and deliver the same.


As a premier jewellery brand in London, we back responsible sourcing. Though significant progress has been made in the field, still a lot of work remains to be done. We are committed to responsible sourcing of our diamonds, metals, and gemstones so that the future of the industry is free of any conflict. We source some of the best diamonds from around the world. We also choose our partners after much deliberation. Over the years, our customers have put their faith in us, and we are not willing to disappoint them.