Bespoke Jewellery design Service

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Bespoke Jewellery design Service

Our materials and your ideas, at AG & Sons combine them here in our bespoke jewellery department. We know how much you love to customize jewellery and so we bring to you the opportunity to create your own jewellery with your unique ideas and our exclusive supplies. We help you to create iconic pieces that tell your story to the world.

The experience of translating something from an idea to a product is infinitely exciting for us. We know it is to you too. Hence, we take you with us on this journey to build fine bespoke jewellery that looks like your dream bling with the finest materials you can find in our gallery.

All our special orders are processed through personal bespoke jewellery London designers who accompany individual clients in their projects. Thrilled to work with you, they assist you wherever possible in modifying and designing a bespoke necklace or bespoke engagement rings UK. We do both partial and full customization for all bespoke mens jewellery and women's. We work with bespoke jewellery UK & Europe clients.

We invite our clients to join us on a discussion where we unlock and lay out the creative possibilities for you. We take your ideas and build you a bespoke jewellery piece that states your style. Conversely, we also help you make creative breakthroughs should you be experiencing a block along the way.

We also help you make smart choices. We have platinum, rose gold, yellow gold, white gold and silver in metals and ruby, emerald, sapphire, tanzanite and other precious gemstones to choose from.
Once past the exchange of ideas, we set to create CAD or Computer Aided Design images for your dream piece of jewellery. This is the first time our clients get to see their bauble in virtually in 3D. If you like what you see and give us a go ahead, we immediately start building your bespoke piece of jewellery.

Alternately, if you'd like us to make tweaks and adjustments to the image, we'd be happy to perfect the bespoke jewellery for you until you fully love it.

Once casted, our bespoke jewellery are then passed through polishing and finishing where the pieces are refined and perfected.

We pass all our bespoke jewellery UK jewellery through strict quality control and UK Hallmarking before they are packaged and delivered to you.

We can not only create unique bespoke engagement rings and bespoke wedding rings but we can design emotional gifts jewellery like bespoke necklaces, bespoke earrings and anything that you can dream or think of.

At AG& Sons, we build it together with you, for you.

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Laser Engraving on an Engagement Ring 

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